About Us

To accomplish these goals we use the following principles.

  • As the architect we are here to help you realize the goals for your project.  Thus our designs will be based on understanding your objectives and helping you realize them in built form using our unique skill set as architects.
  • Our impact on the greater community is important to us.  We are excited to play our part in creating great public space though buildings which are integrated into their surroundings and support the aesthetics and function of the adjacent public space.  We love to reinforce walkable communities by helping to create wonderful places for people to live with easy access to all of life’s necessities.
  • Our favorite designs are ones that have a minimum impact on the environment with their construction and use.  To achieve this we are always looking to save resources though the reuse of materials and buildings and though the implementation of energy efficient designs which lead to buildings being sustainable over the long term and often being powered by only a minimum of onsite electrical generation.
  • As the core of our energy efficiency we feel that the Passive House principles of substantial insulation, thermal bridge free construction and air tight building envelopes lead not only to more efficient buildings but also more comfortable, catastrophe  ready homes built for the long term.
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